Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara (Waterproof) – Review


If you read my previous post on the Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara you might remember me saying that if there was a waterproof version of this mascara I would buy it in an instant because I loved the effect it gave my lashes but I didn’t enjoy that it smudged. When I went to Superdrug yesterday I saw a waterproof version and I jumped for joy.

Now having tried this mascara for the first time this morning I have to say it is the most underwhelming mascara I have EVER used, I might as well have flushed £7.99 down my toilet.

The brush is the same as the original, however the formula is so different. The colour is not as dark, it gives me no volume, no length, no separation, it transfers onto my lids AND it weighs down my lashes to the point where they actually look shorter!

If you see this mascara in the shop, AVOID it like the plague.

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Jay x

Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara – Review


I have a love-hate relationship with this mascara. I bought it a few months ago from Boots for £7.99. What really persuaded me to try this was the added Argan oil in the formula.


The mascara wand is the plastic kind and it has lots of spiky bristles on it. This brush allows the wand to pick up all the tiny little lashes, coat them in mascara and avoid clumps. The formula for this  mascara is incredibly creamy probably because of the argan oil. It doesn’t weight down my lashes and they feel soft to the touch. It find that it dries quite quickly and the finish is a nice black colour. However I do find that if I apply a second coat I can get some flaking/ fall out.

I LOVE the results I get with this mascara. It really picks up the little lashes, separates them and gives volume at the base making it look like I’m wearing eyeliner. There is a bit of lengthening with this mascara but not a lot of volume which makes it  great for everyday use.


Now onto the negatives. If you follow my blog you’ll know that I have oily lids and this mascara doesn’t hold up over a long period of time. The 12 hour picture above is after I went to the gym and you can see some smudging on the outside corner, also throughout the day the mascara kept flaking.

Removal of the product is very easy, just some hot water will take it off. It smudges so you will need to use an oil-based remover to clean the residue.

I’m coming to the end of this tube and whilst I love how it makes my lashes look I won’t be repurchasing it. If Rimmel come out with a waterproof formula I will snap it up without batting an eyelid (see what I did there haha!).

Jay x

Burnt Orange Eyeshadow look – Tutorial

I rocked this eye look to the Common show in London in December, if you don’t know who Common is YouTube him now, GO! (No wait…read this post first haha!) Anyway I’m no make-up artist but I’m rather please with how this look turned out and it was quite easy to do.

I first primed my eyelids with MAC Prep + Prime Eye in Medium. I’m not sure whether this product is still available. It doesn’t really prime my eyelids in any way but it neutralises the discolouration, you could easily just use concealer if you have this same issue. I then used Urban Decay Primer Potion all over the eyelid


For the orange colour I blended “Rule” by MAC into the crease and blended out and above the crease line. This is really important if you, like me, have small eyes that are spaced quite close together.

Afterwards I used the Barry M Dazzle Dust in “Bronze” all over the eyelid. This is one of my all time favourite pigments to use as it is so flattering on all skin tones and it costs next to nothing.

Afterwards for the warm brown colour, I used “Embark” by MAC in the outer V of my eye and packed on the colour on in layers whilst blending into the Bronze pigment, I used a bit of Rule again afterwards to blend the three colours into each other.

As a final touch to the eyeshadows I took Rule and blended it lightly under my eyes and then used Embark on top. You want to focus this towards the outer corner and make sure it meets with the edge of the eyeshadow on the lid, blend in for a smouldering, winged look. I then took a bit of the bronze pigment and placed it on the inner third to open up the eye.

To finish the look I lined my waterline with Clinique Kohl Shaper (Black Kohl) and wing-lined the top with Urban Decays Liquid Liner in Perversion. For my eyebrows I used the MAC Eyebrow Pencil in “Spiked” and after two coats of Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara on the top and bottom lashes the look was done!


Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Gel Eyeliner (Black) Vs. Inglot AMC Matte Eyeliner Gel (77)

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Gel Eyeliner (Black) Vs. Inglot AMC Matte Eyeliner Gel (77)

I’ve been seeing a lot of hype about these two liners all over the interwebs so I’ve decided to put them to the test and see who wins the battle of the gel eyeliners!

Price and availability:

I bought the Rimmel eyeliner from Boots on sale for £4.99 and it comes with a little brush. I don’t find this brush very useful so I won’t be using it for the purpose of this test, either way it’s a nice thing to have. As far as I know there are no stores that stock Inglot in England so you have to order online. This eyeliner costs £10.00 and it doesn’t come with a brush. Rimmel comes with 2.4g of product and Inglot with 5.5g.



Both these eyeliners are extremely creamy. I found that the Rimmel eyeliner applied more smoothly. The Inglot eyeliner dried quicker.

Left Inglot, Right Rimmel
Left Inglot, Right Rimmel


Both of these liners have a matte finish. I think what makes the Inglot gel liner so popular is probably the appearance once it is applied. It is the deepest, darkest black colour I have ever seen. The Rimmel eyeliner is also very black, just not as black as the Inglot liner.

Left Inglot, Right Rimmel
Left Inglot, Right Rimmel


Both eyeliners are equally water proof but come off easily with facial wash.

Smudge proof:

I have oily lids so this part of the test if very important to me. The Rimmel eyeliner lasted nearly five hours before smudging. The Inglot eyeliner was incredibly smudgy. After just two hours it had smudged on my eyelid and the inner and outer corner of my eyes- not good 😦

Overall verdict

Overall I’m going to have to give this one to the Rimmel Scandaleyes gel liner. It applies better and last longer. I really wish the Inglot liner was smudge proof because it really is the perfect black colour.

Do you have a favourite gel eyeliner? Comment below and let me know!

Jay x