Sukin Sensitive Facial Moisturiser – Review

589291_xlargeThe weather is getting colder, the central heating has been switched on and even my oily skin is feeling a bit drier. Historically, I don’t get on with a lot of night time moisturisers as they are formulated for dry skin which leaves my skin feeling clogged by morning time.

What I require from a night cream is something to lock in my serum, provide moisturisation throughout the night and one that doesn’t feel occlusive on my skin. On my hunt for a drug store moisturiser I came across the Australian, natural, organic skin care brand Sukin. Having liked the look of the brand and the price range I decided to buy the Sukin Sensitive Facial Moisturiser. I don’t have particularly sensitive skin but I always choose these products as they will have less (or no) allergens/ irritants in the formula which I believe are unnecessary in skin care anyway.

I chose the day cream instead of the night cream as I felt the night cream might be too heavy for my skin and the day cream doesn’t have any SPF in it anyway. A 125ml bottle of this moisturiser costs just £8.10.

Taken from the Sukin website “Shea butter and Aloe Vera with Rose Hip, Sesame and Jojoba oils to promote moisture and balance the skin. This light and gentle moisturiser, boasts Shea butter and Aloe Vera to calm and soothe the complexion.
Rapidly absorbed to deliver essential hydration to delicate skin, whilst Rose Hip, Sesame and Jojoba oils help promote optimal moisture levels for radiant, balanced skin.
Suitable for normal to sensitive skin types.”

Formula: The formula for this product is based on water, glycerin and numerous plant oils and butters such as sesame, rosehip, shea, cocoa, jojoba, avocado and wheatgerm. It also has a few ingredients known to calm the skin such as aloe and cucumber extract. I like that they have added vitamin E into the formula, a great antioxidant. The formula is free of parabens but does contain Phenoxyethanol and Benzyl Alcohol to preserve the formula safety for 6 months after opening.

Packaging: I love the packaging for this product. It comes in an opaque pump bottle, which is easy to use, hygienic and the ingredients will be more stable in this kind of packaging.

Application: One pump of this product is enough for my whole face and neck. The product once pumped into my palms melts really nicely into my hand and absorbs very quickly into my skin. It leave it feeling moisturised, but not oily. If you have normal-dry skin I wouldn’t recommend this for you as it isn’t moisturising enough.

Long term effects: I’ve been using this product for a few months now and I have to say I’m really happy with it! My skin feels soft, moisturised, I haven’t experienced a single breakout and I’m never greasy when I wake up. Overall this is a great, cheap product to use and one I will be repurchasing for sure.

Have you tried Sukin products before? Comment below and let me know!



Facial Oil for Acne Prone Skin (Hemp Oil)

Hello everyone! This post is going out specially for those of you who suffer from acne and breakouts but still want to use an oil on your skin either for cleansing or moisturising . I wouldn’t say I’m “acne-prone” myself but sometimes facials oils break me out.

The reason many oils break you out is because they are “comedogenic” meaning pore clogging. In order to find a facial oil either for cleansing or moisturising it is important to understand Comedogenic Ratings. The list below is in no way comprehensive but it shows the comedogenic rating of some popular oils used in natural skin care today. Also there is a lot of different sources that quotes different comedogenic ratings but I looked at a lot of sources to compile my list.  A lower score means that the oil is less pore clogging.

0 Hemp seed oil,  Shea butter

1 Castor oil, Rosehip oil,  Argan oil

2 Almond oil, Jojoba oil,

3 Avocado oil, Primrose oil

4 Coconut oil

5 Wheat germ oil

So from the above list we can see that those who suffer from breakouts should avoid the popular coconut oil and opt for a non-comedogenic oil like hemp oil. I decided to buy an organic, unrefined, fragrance-free, preservative-free Hemp Oil from Good Day Organics (100% Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil). Hemp seed oil has a comedogenic rating of 0 which means it is safe to use for sensitive and especially acne-prone skin and is especially good for psoriasis and eczema.


Now here’s the sciency bit. Skin sebum is  made of fatty acids like linoleic and oleic acid (two of the many fatty acids). These fatty acids are required to build “healthy” sebum. If the skin produces sebum with a low level of linoleic acid then the sebum has a thicker consistency and can clog, irritate and inflame the pore causing the cyst (spot). Those who suffer from acne quite often have sebum with a low level of linoleic acid. Hemp oil on the other hand has a high level of linoleic acid in it. When hemp oil is applied topically it can almost mimic the good sebum to re-balance it and unclog the pore. It has very good anti-inflammatory, moisturising and acne reducing properties.

This oil has an olive colour and it feels distinctly like a dry-oil so it isn’t too greasy. A tiny bit of this oil goes a long way for me, I mainly apply it on my cheeks and neck area by warming it up between my palms and patting it into the skin as the last stage of my skincare routine. Hemp oil has its own natural fragrance, sort of like nuts which I quite like and the smell doesn’t linger on the skin for too long.


I have been testing this for a week and I love it especially for the winter time! In the mornings my skin looks plump, radiant and moisturised.

Overall I’m really enjoying using this oil, it has done the job of hydrating the dry patches on my combination skin without causing breakouts on the oilier T-zone. This will definitely be a product that makes it into my daily skin care routine.

What facial oils are you trying? Comment below and let me know.

Jay x

Burt’s Bees’ Baby Bee Dusting Powder – Review

IMG_2386Hey ya’ll! I planned to do so many posts today but I haven’t been able to function the last few days due to really bad tooth ache (screw you wisdom teeth =[ ) so I’m going to keep it nice and short.

This may be TMI but I know a lot of ladies suffer from this same issue, and the issue I’m going to talk about it under-boob sweat. Girl, don’t give me that look, I know you know what I mean haha! A good friend of mine recommended that I dust some talcum powder before putting my bra on in the morning to stop sweating in the torso area. I wanted to find a talc-free dusting powder when I came across this product from Burts Bees.

The Baby Bee Dusting Powder is made using corn starch instead of talc which acts as an absorbing agent. A 125g bottle costs £6.25 and has 100% natural ingredients.


The fragrance smells very reminiscent of those candy bracelets/necklaces, I’m not a fan of sweet scents but this doesn’t linger for too long. I gave this product a test yesterday and I am happy to say that after 12 hours I was dry and smelling fresh.

Jay x

Lush Fresh Face Mash (The Sacred Truth) – Review

So I popped into Lush last weekend to exchange my 5 empties to receive a free face mask. I decided to try one that I haven’t tried before called The Sacred Truth. The Sacred Truth is intended to brighten dull, dry, tired looking skin.

Taken from the Lush website:

Revive your complexion with ginseng and ginkgo leaf to boost blood circulation, whilst honey, yoghurt and free range eggs leave skin soft and moisturised. Wheatgrass is full of nutrients to feed your skin, whilst the enzymes in fresh papaya will strip away dead skin, helping to give you a gorgeous glow. Smoothe a generous layer of this mask onto your face and leave for 10 to 15 minutes and let the ingredients get to work before washing off gently with warm water.


The mask has a really earthy plant like smell, I think the ginseng is quite pungent, but it’s nice nevertheless. Straight out of the fridge this mask feels extremely cooling after a long hot shower. It has a really smooth texture and is light green in colour. After 15 minutes the mask dries completely and is ready to wash off with warm water.

Immediately after washing this mask off I noticed that my skin was much brighter and hydrated. Also the next morning my skin was really plump! The papaya and ginseng gets rid of the skin cells in a gentle way to reveal softer, brighter skin and the shea butter and essential oils gives the skin some much needed hydration. There is also green tea powder in the mask which is a great anti-oxidant. Because this mask is so nourishing you could even use it twice a week as it has great anti-ageing properties.

I’m loving this mask so far and I am going to repurchase soon. It is hydrating and brightening so I would recommend to anyone with dry, dull or mature skin, however I would not recommend to anyone with acne-prone skin as the oils could trigger a break-out.

Jay x