Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara – Review


I have a love-hate relationship with this mascara. I bought it a few months ago from Boots for £7.99. What really persuaded me to try this was the added Argan oil in the formula.


The mascara wand is the plastic kind and it has lots of spiky bristles on it. This brush allows the wand to pick up all the tiny little lashes, coat them in mascara and avoid clumps. The formula for this  mascara is incredibly creamy probably because of the argan oil. It doesn’t weight down my lashes and they feel soft to the touch. It find that it dries quite quickly and the finish is a nice black colour. However I do find that if I apply a second coat I can get some flaking/ fall out.

I LOVE the results I get with this mascara. It really picks up the little lashes, separates them and gives volume at the base making it look like I’m wearing eyeliner. There is a bit of lengthening with this mascara but not a lot of volume which makes it  great for everyday use.


Now onto the negatives. If you follow my blog you’ll know that I have oily lids and this mascara doesn’t hold up over a long period of time. The 12 hour picture above is after I went to the gym and you can see some smudging on the outside corner, also throughout the day the mascara kept flaking.

Removal of the product is very easy, just some hot water will take it off. It smudges so you will need to use an oil-based remover to clean the residue.

I’m coming to the end of this tube and whilst I love how it makes my lashes look I won’t be repurchasing it. If Rimmel come out with a waterproof formula I will snap it up without batting an eyelid (see what I did there haha!).

Jay x

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Waterproof Mascara – Review


I’ll cut to the chase, this mascara is everything I’ve ever wanted and more- I’ll let the pictures below do the talking! My friend recommended this to me and I needed a new mascara so I rushed to Superdrug where picked this up for £9.99.

First lets talk about the brush. This brush is unlike anything I’ve seen before. It’s a plastic wand which is quite thin and straight. It has two layers of “bristles” on it. One layer of straight spikey bristles which separate your lashes and prevents clumping and a second layer with spherical balls on the end which coat the lashes adding 360 degree volume and curl.


Can ya see the ballz!?

The formula for this mascara is quite wet which I prefer because it allows you some time to play time with your lashes. It also allows you to apply two coats with no clumps, which is great because I HATE spidery lashes with a passion. The colour is a true jet black and doesn’t dry to that matte black which some mascaras do.

The amazing brush and awesome formula results in thick, fanned out lashes. I already have long lashes so don’t need lengthening but this adds a curl to my lashes which held OK during the day. My lashes still feel soft to touch when I wear this mascara.


I have very oily lids to the point where most waterproof mascaras smudge on me but this didn’t budge over a period of 12 hours. I even walked through the rain! In terms of removal, it peels off the lashes nicely with an oil-based make-up remover/wipe (no smudging) or a few minutes in a hot shower will allow you to gently peel this off your lashes.

I’ve never had a mascara reach holy grail status but all changed with this product. If you have long lashes but need some volume, separation and curl go try it, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Jay x