My Favourite Mineral Sunscreens for Combination/Oily Skin


I’ve been searching high and low for a daytime moisturiser with SPF for the past year and have tried at least four different ones that haven’t worked for me. As many of you might know, sunscreens are notoriously thick and occlusive on the skin making it feel greasy and diminishing the appearance of make-up. Furthermore it is difficult to find formulas that contain only mineral sunscreen (Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide) that are suitable for oilier skin. I also prefer formulas to be without added fragrance.

I have combination-oily skin and find that when wearing sunscreen my make-up will last around 2 hours before I’m oily in the T-zone and by lunchtime I can’t wait to get home and remove my make-up. Recently I bought some sunscreen samples from one of my favourite skincare brands Paula’s Choice which are formulated for oilier skin and I wanted to give my quick opinion on these products.

The first is Hydralight Shine-Free Daily Mineral Complex SPF 30 (60ml £25.50) which contains Zinc Oxide 6% and Titanium Dioxide 2.32% as the active ingredients.

This is a white lotion that is lightweight and absorbs into the skin quickly. It doesn’t leave a white cast and feels moisturising on the skin with no tightness. However, even after the product has absorbed the finish is not 100% shine free, although it doesn’t leave any greasiness. It leaves my skin baby soft and is a great base for liquid and powder make-up. I find that the oiliess in my T-zone is kept at bay for at least 4 hours when using this moisturiser and I didn’t experience any breakouts after 7 days of using this product.

The second product I tested was Resist Super-Light Wrinkle Defense SPF 30 (60ml £29.00) which contains Zinc Oxide (12%) as the active sunscreen ingredient.

This product is lightly tinted so if you have very fair skin then it may actually be too dark for you. On me, this product still leaves a white cast because it is tinted lighter than my skin tone and I find that it has a chemical smell when first applied. I actually think this may be a good product for any men who suffer from redness because of the light tint. The texture of this moisturiser is probably the BEST I’ve tried for oil control, it actually leaves the skin on my cheeks feeling a bit tight/ dry and keeps oiliness at bay on my T-Zone for at least 6 hours. I found that my liquid make-up didn’t go on as well with this moisturiser because it causes the product to catch onto the skin. I didn’t experience any breakouts after 7 days of wearing this product and noticed that my pores looked smaller when using this.

All in all these are both great moisturisers with SPF for combination or oily skin. If your skin is normal-combination or combination then Hydralight is the way to go. If you have oily skin all over then go for the Super-light. Personally I like both of these equally for different weather conditions as they provide broad spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays whilst not exacerbating oiliness and are fragrance/colourant free.

Jay x