Mamonde Cherry Blossom Foot Socks Mask

This is just going to be a quick post about a novelty product that I bought recently from TesterKorea. This is the Cherry Blossom Foot Socks Mask which is said to soften and sooth the skin on the soles of your feet.

After a long day of wearing heels I decided to treat myself to this foot mask. To prep my feet I scrubbed them in the shower to get rid of the hard skin on my feet.


The mask comes in one piece and you have to tear down the middle to make two “socks”. Once the socks were on I left them for 20 minutes to absorb the product. The essence inside the foot mask was refreshing and smelt great.

After 20 minutes I took the socks off and massaged the excess product into my feet. I have to say my feet felt very soft after using this. However I don’t think I’d purchase this again because it isn’t any better than using a thick foot cream.