Etude House Skin Note Deep Moisturizing Hydrogel Mask – Review

Skin Note by Etude House is range of hydrogel masks to give five different skin benefits; deep moisture, lifting, brightening, pore tightening and calming. I will be reviewing the deep moisturising mask.

This mask has hyaluronic acid and seaweed extracts in it to provide intense moisture into the skin. Unlike most sheet masks it is not made of bio-cellulose or fabric, but instead of hydrogel which is made of gelatin mixed in with the essence.


The mask comes in two halves. It is very slippery and delicate to handle so I wouldn’t recommend using this if you’re in a hurry.


As you can see from the picture below the bottom half of the mask was a very good fit, the top half wasn’t as good. Also the mask kept slipping down my face.


After 20 minutes I took the mask off and massaged the remaining essence into my skin.

What I like about this mask is the hydrogel texture. It is extremely cooling and unlike fabric masks this allows 100% mask-to-skin contact. Secondly my skin felt buttery soft after using this mask and deeply hydrated.

I have read that hydrogel masks are better for essence absorption than fabric sheet masks, but not as effective compared to bio-cellulose sheet masks. I also read that hydrogel masks can cause irritation, so avoid this if you have sensitive skin.

I will continue to use this mask and the other ones in the Skin Note range because it left my skin really soft and hydrated. At around £3.18 each they are slightly more expensive then the regular Etude House masks, but it is a step up if you’re looking to get more serious about your skin care.

The Face Shop Essential Mask Sheet Hyaluronic Acid – Review

Once a week I treat myself to a Korean sheet mask. There are so many options to choose from to treat different skin care concerns.

My box of Korean sheet masks ^_^
My box of Korean sheet masks ^_^
Which one should I choose?
Which one should I choose?

This week my skin was feeling a little dry so I opted for The Face Shops Essential Mask Sheet Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is used in a number of skin care products because it helps to retain over a 1000 times its weight in water within the cells of skin, making it an excellent moisturiser. It is said to hydrate and plump the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Front of packaging
Front of packaging

IMG_1275 IMG_1278 I use this mask after toning but before moisturising. The sheet mask smells sort of soapy and it doesn’t fit very well on my face as you can see in the picture. However, it has a nice cooling effect. After 20 minutes the essence in the sheet is absorbed and you massage and pat the remaining product into your skin. I noticed that my skin feels very plumped and moisturised after using this mask. This mask has not broken me out, but then again I don’t have sensitive skin.

I would buy this mask again based on the fact that it is extremely hydrating and it cost me £1.95 each, which is a very good price for sheet masks. The seller below is a trusted Amazon seller from South Korea.

Are you a fan of this product? Comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Jay x