MAC False Lashes Extreme Black – Review


Having recently received a sample of the MAC False Lashes Extreme Black mascara I was really excited to try it out straight away. I usually test mascaras for a week or so when deciding whether I like it or not. Now, I’m no high-end mascara aficionado. Mascara is one of those products that I believe the drug store has nailed, so any chance I get to try a high end product I have really high expectations for it.

Taken from the MAC website, this mascara claims to be:

  • Flake-proof and smudge-proof
  • Volumizing, 75% increase
  • Curling, over 100% increase
  • Long-wearing
  • Separates lashes
  • Lengthening
  • Features a carbon black formula

I liked the formula for this mascara, it applies really smoothly, isn’t clumpy after two coats and is very black. The formula definitely didn’t flake throughout the day but towards the very end of the day, by this I mean 14 hours later, there was some smudging on the outer corner of my eyes. It didn’t cause any irritation when I rubbed my eyes and is ophthalmologist tested and safe for contact lens wearers. It’s a great long wearing option for work/ school days.

The brush for this mascara is your classic bristle wand. It is very thick, fluffy and tapers to a pointed edge for more detailed work. I found that this brush managed to tightline my lashes as well as coat all my lashes individually without clumping. This gives the appearance of thicker lashes at the root of the hair. Unfortunately, no matter how careful I was, this mascara always transferred to the upper lid very near the root of the hair and I’d have to spend an extra few minutes cleaning it up every time.



Overall I found this mascara gave my lashes volume at the root, length, separation and it gives a good amount of curl that holds all day. It gives a fluttery look to my lashes which I find is more suitable for the daytime. The formula was very comfortable to wear, but the brush created transfer on my upper lid. Not something I’d expect from a high end product. With all that being said I don’t think I’m going to go out of my way to spend £19 on a tube of this mascara because I’ve had similar successes with high-street/ drug-store products.

Have you tried this product before? Comment below and let me know what you thoughts are. Also I’d really like to know, what are your favourite high end mascaras?

Until next time,

Jay x


L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara – Review


Having recently run out of mascara, I picked up the L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara from Boots which has a bit of a cult following. I’ve been testing the mascara for a few weeks now I decided it was time to sit down and review for you guys.

The price point for this mascara is a little higher than I’d usually spend for a drugstore mascara at £10.99, so already my expectations were high.

When I took the plastic wand out of the packaging I noticed that it’s extremely long, thin and weak. I did like the fact that I didn’t need to wipe of excess product with this mascara but it was quite difficult to apply onto the lashes. I like that the spikes of this brush don’t poke me in the eye which I do get with a number of other products when I’m in a rush and also I don’t get any mascara on my top lid when applying it.


Upon application the formula makes my lashes look long but what’s most impressive is the amount of curl I get with this formula and the curl doesn’t drop all day, even after a sweaty work out! Unfortunately what I didn’t like is that the formula is not very buildable and I got some clumping with the second coat. Also  I prefer a feathery, fanned out look to my lashes and this product gives them a very spiky look. Since using this product I haven’t gotten any irritation, flaking or smudging.

I do find that it is quite difficult to remove this mascara due to the formula, I prefer when mascaras sort of peel off as opposed to them melting and smudging everywhere (if that makes sense?!)


L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara, from top of bottom- No mascara, 1 coat, 2 coats



Lots of curl and hold


No smudging/ flaking


Not buildable

Gives spiky appearance to lashes

Weak wand

Difficult to apply and take off


Overall I wouldn’t say this is a terrible mascara by any means but there isn’t anything about it that makes me want to repurchase it and I’m not a huge fan of the spiky lash look. It probably has the best curl and hold I’ve ever had from a mascara so if you have issues with your lashes dropping, maybe this is one for you.

Have you tried this mascara before? Let me know what your thoughts were! Also please recommend any new mascaras I should test.

Jay x

L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes So Couture – Review


Volume Million Lashes So Couture from L’Oreal is such a well rated mascara that I knew I needed to try it. I picked this up from Boots for £9.99 and have been testing it for around a month now.

The brush on this wand is a plastic wand with soft, flexible bristles. I’m pretty aggressive with my mascara application and occasionally have the odd brush in eye situation, but I still haven’t had that with this product. The formula is jet black, creamy and buildable.


After a full days wear there is still a lot of curl and absolutely NO smudging which is really important for me. Furthermore it doesn’t sting my eyes which I’ve had with a number of other mascaras.


  • Buildable volume
  • Comfortable wand that doesn’t poke the eye
  • No need to wipe of excess
  • Does not run, smudge or flake
  • Lashes feel soft to the touch
  • Does not sting when you rub your eyes


  • Can transfer onto the lid during application. Tip: tilt head backwards during application
  • Not the most amount of lengthening, volume or curl I’ve had from a mascara

Overall, this is a great mascaras you can pick up for under a tenner in terms of ease of application and results. However, I’m not sure I would buy it again as it isn’t as volumising as say the Maybelline Lash Sensational or as lengthening as Max Factor Masterpiece. This is a mascara I’d leave for work days as you get a good amount of volume and separation, no smudging and it’s comfortable to wear all day.

Have you tried this product before? Comment below and let me know!


Maybelline Lash Sensational (Waterproof Black and Black) – Review


This mascara requires no introduction. Ever since Lash Sensational by Maybelline first hit our shelves, every beauty blogger/vlogger has been raving about it. I held out for a while but decided to take the plunge and see if it lives up to the hype. I purchased the waterproof and normal version of this mascara from Boots for £7.99.

The wand for this mascara is made of plastic and is curved to mimic the shape of the eyes, so you can really get in right at the base of the eyelashes for maximum lift.



When I first tried this mascara I have to admit I wasn’t a fan. I found that it gave a lot of lift and curl but the brush was difficult to use and gave a lot of clumping. Fast forward a few days, once I got my hands round using this brush, I found that it really is a fantastic mascara. It lifts right from the root elongating the lashes and gives a lot of curl for a fanned out effect. You can get 2 coats of this mascara on before it starts clumping. I found that this mascara stung a lot when I rubbed my eyes, so many not one for sensitive eyes. There was very, very little smudging by the end of the day (after a sweaty gym session), with no flaking AND the curl didn’t drop at all.

Waterproof Black

The formula of this mascara in’t great. I find it to be quite “sticky” and it clumps very easily. It’s difficult to apply more than one layer as it dries very hard and very quickly. Removal of this mascara is extremely difficult. Unfortunately this version smudges quite a bit and it flakes a little.


Overall verdict

It’s been around 2 weeks since I bought this mascara and I have to say I haven’t stopped using it. In my opinion the waterproof version is awful, it’s clumpy, smudges and flakes, so save your pennies on that and opt for the normal version. This mascara requires some practice to get used to the brush but once you’ve mastered it is indeed a “sensational” mascara. I would go as far as saying this matches my holy grail mascara and I will be repurchasing it for sure.

Jay x

Clinique High Impact Mascara – Review

High Impact Mascara

Recently I got a sample of the High Impact mascara from Clinique, this is an extremely well reviewed mascara so I was interested to see how it’d hold up. Taken from the Clinique website: “High Impact Mascara is a multi-benefit mascara that adds maximum volume with definition and length. Specially developed brush and formula work together to dramatically thicken lashes while separating.”

The full size of this mascara retails for £17.50 so I had high expectations for it. It has a thin brush wand that is easy to maneuver and work into the lashes. I found the formula to be extremely smooth and didn’t experience any clumping after two coats, the colour is also very dark. As with all Clinique products it doesn’t contain any fragrance making it suitable for sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers.

Unfortunately I didn’t find that this mascara lifted my lashes to give it the curl I’m used to. There wasn’t much volume or length either. It gave very natural looking lashes but honestly that’s not what I’m looking for in a mascara and it definitely isn’t “high-impact”. I have very oily lids so it’s important for a mascara to be able to withstand that. Unfortunately after 4 hours or so I experienced a lot of smudging on the outer corner of my eyes.


I’m really disappointed with this mascara, it is in no way better than any of the drug store mascaras I’ve tried and considering its price point I think it’s worse. I’m not sure why this was so highly rated, I suppose different products work differently for everyone. I myself will not be purchasing the full version.

Have you tried this mascara before? Did it work for you or did you have the same experience as me? Comment below and let me know.

Jay x

Dior Diorshow Mascara – Review

Hey guys time for some sample testing! I got a sample of this mascara from Dior when purchasing the Dior Airflash foundation (review to come soon). A full size of this mascara costs £22.50.

I have never purchased a high-end mascara so this is my first experience with one. My eyelashes are naturally thick and long so expensive mascara has never been a priority for me. Nonetheless, after my first high-end mascara experience I have to say I am pleasantly surprised.

The wand of this mascara is a thick and fluffy brush. The formula for this mascara is so smooth and the colour is jet black, there is a rose fragrance in the formula too. I love that it isn’t too wet or too dry which means you have quite a bit of time to work with it and it just glides onto the lashes. Usually I find that I get a bit of clumping with brush wands but I didn’t experience any of that after 2 coats of mascara. There was also no transfer to my top lid. This mascara added length, lots of volume, curl and it picked up the little lashes to add lots of drama and separation. It also had amazing longevity to survive a full day at work and a hardcore gym sesh without smudging, flaking and maintaining the curl.


Diorshow Mascara, from top to bottom: Without mascara, 1 coat, 2 coats

So would I purchase the full version? To be honest whilst this did give me really good results, I know I can live without it and get away with cheaper mascaras. If you’re someone who requires a mascara to add volume, length and curl and have the budget to accommodate an expensive mascara I would really recommend it!

Jay x

Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara – Review


If it is length you seek, then look no further. Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara is designed to add definition and length to your lashes to frame the eyes beautifully. I bought this mascara for £9.99 from Superdrug where there were 4 colours to choose from, including Brown, Black, Waterproof Black and Rich Black. I opted for the Rich Black colour.

The brush for this mascara is made of plastic and the wand itself is very thin with short bristles. The formula of the mascara is in between wet and dry so it doesn’t weigh down the lashes and the colour dries to a true deep black. I also like that when I take the wand out of the tube I don’t have to wipe off any excess.


In terms of application, this isn’t a mascara that I can use every day as it takes forever to apply. You have to keep applying the mascara to fully coat the lashes and it is difficult to apply without getting onto the top lid near the root of the hairs. However, the length that you get with this mascara is phenomenal, it honestly makes me look like I have eyelash extensions in. The brush also manages to pick up all the little lashes making them appear more defined and longer. I didn’t get a whole lot of volume with this mascara and after the second coat I found that my lashes looked very clumpy. I had to go back with an eyelash comb to brush out the clumps as well as clean my eyelid with a Q-Tip.


Over the course of the day this mascara didn’t smudge but it flaked a lot which is a massive nuisance. I found that it also held the curl really well. Removal of this mascara is quite difficult as it has a very dark pigment that just clings to the skin so you have to use a good oil based cleanser to get every last bit of colour off. All in all this is a good mascara, it truly defines and lengthens your lashes like it promises but it is very high maintenance, which may not be so good for those who want something that is quick to apply and remove.

Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara (Waterproof) – Review


If you read my previous post on the Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara you might remember me saying that if there was a waterproof version of this mascara I would buy it in an instant because I loved the effect it gave my lashes but I didn’t enjoy that it smudged. When I went to Superdrug yesterday I saw a waterproof version and I jumped for joy.

Now having tried this mascara for the first time this morning I have to say it is the most underwhelming mascara I have EVER used, I might as well have flushed £7.99 down my toilet.

The brush is the same as the original, however the formula is so different. The colour is not as dark, it gives me no volume, no length, no separation, it transfers onto my lids AND it weighs down my lashes to the point where they actually look shorter!

If you see this mascara in the shop, AVOID it like the plague.

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Jay x

Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara – Review


I have a love-hate relationship with this mascara. I bought it a few months ago from Boots for £7.99. What really persuaded me to try this was the added Argan oil in the formula.


The mascara wand is the plastic kind and it has lots of spiky bristles on it. This brush allows the wand to pick up all the tiny little lashes, coat them in mascara and avoid clumps. The formula for this  mascara is incredibly creamy probably because of the argan oil. It doesn’t weight down my lashes and they feel soft to the touch. It find that it dries quite quickly and the finish is a nice black colour. However I do find that if I apply a second coat I can get some flaking/ fall out.

I LOVE the results I get with this mascara. It really picks up the little lashes, separates them and gives volume at the base making it look like I’m wearing eyeliner. There is a bit of lengthening with this mascara but not a lot of volume which makes it  great for everyday use.


Now onto the negatives. If you follow my blog you’ll know that I have oily lids and this mascara doesn’t hold up over a long period of time. The 12 hour picture above is after I went to the gym and you can see some smudging on the outside corner, also throughout the day the mascara kept flaking.

Removal of the product is very easy, just some hot water will take it off. It smudges so you will need to use an oil-based remover to clean the residue.

I’m coming to the end of this tube and whilst I love how it makes my lashes look I won’t be repurchasing it. If Rimmel come out with a waterproof formula I will snap it up without batting an eyelid (see what I did there haha!).

Jay x