Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette (Too Faced Chocolate Bar dupe)


I was going to buy the Chocolate Bar Palette from Too Faced but whilst surfing the interwebs I came across this dupe palette from the infamous Makeup Revolution. I knew I had to try it. This palette cost a whopping (!) £7.99 from the Makeup Revolution website.

This palette is not ashamed to be an exact dupe for the Too Faced Palette, aesthetically it looks very similar and the colours are exact copies but this doesn’t have the chocolate fragrance in it. It contains 16 colours both matte and satin-shimmer. There are a variety of brown, neutral shades with some highlight colours, as well as olive, burgundy, red, purple and blue making it suitable for daytime as well as nightime.

In terms of pigmentation the colours show up nicely on my skin, there is no fall out and they are very buttery in consistency which makes blending a dream. I do need to use a high end primer with this product to make the colours pop and last on my lids, but once it’s on it will last 12 hours on me.


Here are the swatches:


The versatility of this palette and the number of looks you can try with it is amazing, it’s probably my favourite palette so far and I would recommend it to anyone looking to buy a single palette that has it ALL!

Jay x

MUA Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette- Review and Swatch


This is the second MUA palette I picked up from Superdrug for just £4. This palette has 12 gorgeous brown, golden and highlight shades that span both warm and cool tones. The finish is a satin finish with some fine shimmers.

I find that these colours blend really well with each other and I like that they are satin instead of full on shimmer. Some may be disappointed that there aren’t any matte shades in this, but I think this is the perfect palette for the upcoming summer. You also get an amazing sponge applicator in the set… (yes I’m being sarcastic :D).

The colours are nicely pigmented and you can create a variety of daytime looks with this. With a high-end primer like Primer Potion from Urban Decay this will last 12 hours, but does fade a little. I do find that there is a bit of fall-out with some of the colours during application so I always keep a make-up wipe handy.

Here are the swatches:


Jay x

MUA Elysium Palette (Naked 3 Dupe?) – Review and Swatch

IMG_3050 IMG_3051

If you’re a fan of the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette then this is palette from MUA is going to be a winner for you. It has a mix of pink tone eyeshadows both shimmery and matte. There are 4 mattes and 6 satin-shimmers in this palette and it also includes a double ended eyeliner pencil. The best part? This cost just £6.00 from Superdrug!

These colours blend so beautifully with eachother. The shimmers need a fixing agent like Fix + to give their full intensity. This palette would probably suit lighter skin tones the best but nonetheless is very pretty on darker tones. You can get a variety of daytime and smoky looks with this palette. I also like the light pink pencil in the kit to blend under my eyebrows and inner corner of my eyes.

When worn with my Urban Decay Primer Potion the colours last a full 12 hours on me and even survived a sweaty gym session! I didn’t experience any fallout with this but there was a bit of fading throughout the day.

Now onto the swatches:


Until next time peeps!

Jay x