I can’t believe the first month of 2016 is already (nearly) up. Keeping to my new years resolution here are my January favourites…



Real Techniques Setting Brush

I think this is my favourite brush of them all, of all time, ever. I use it every single day currently for  blending concealer but I’ve used it before for setting concealer and it works perfectly. I’m going to buy two more for setting and highlighting. If you don’t own this brush already, go get it, in fact, go get three!

MAC Prep + Primer 24-Hour Extend Eye Base

This eyeshadow primer has officially reached holy grail status for me. I’m a big Urban Decay Primer Potion fan and I’ve been neglecting that for this product. I did a small review in a previous post. In short it’s amazing at evening out the skin texture and really making product adhere to your eyelids.

MAC Blush in Peaches

Peaches is my go-to blush and every warm toned woman should own this. Now that it’s Winter I’ve been sleeping in more, meaning my make-up routine has become super quick. When I’m strapped for time I know that I can dust Peaches on my cheeks and look fresh. It’s the first blush I’ve hit pan on too!

Kerastase Cimente Thermique

Central heating always wreaks havoc with my hair. This product has been giving my hair life. I just plop some onto my hair before blow-drying at night and it adds shine, strength and protects it from damage.

L’Oreal Mythic Oil

I have the frizziest hair but although it looks quite thick it actually gets weighed down really easily with product. To get rid of those fly-aways I’ve been using this hair oil and it’s really great for adding shine and removing frizz whilst not weighing down the roots.

Body Shop Rainforest Shampoo Moisture

I was desperate to finish the shampoo that I was using (L’Oréal Hair Expertise EverPure Colour Care & Moisture Shampoo) which made my hair feel dryer so that I could revert back to this shampoo. It’s my absolute favourite SLS-free shampoo as it feels really moisturising and doesn’t irritate my scalp.



Furikake Rice Seasoning

For Christmas one of my colleagues gifted me a box of hot sauces and some of this interesting rice seasoning (they know me so well!) I’d never heard of rice seasoning before but OMG now that I’ve tasted this I’m not sure I can have plain rice again. This seasoning adds a salty, shrimpy, savoury, “umami” flavour to the rice. Perhaps not the most healthy, but a nice addition once in a while when I’m eating rice with a plain dish.

Quaker Oats So Simple Sweet Cinnamon Porridge

Now that is is truly Winter here in London I’ve been craving delicious hot porridge in the morning. I love oats, I love cinnamon flavoured everything and sometimes I sprinkle some pecan nuts on it too. YUMMY!!


Tell me, what have you been loving in January? Comment below and let me know.

Jay x


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