Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado – Review


Now before you say it, I’m well aware that a specific eye cream isn’t necessary in ones skin care routine. BUT if the skin around your eyes, like mine, is looking dehydrated and flaky, whilst the rest of your face feels oily, then you’ll understand that sometimes a facial moisturiser just doesn’t cut it.

Taken from the Kiehl’s website “Kiehl’s rich and creamy Avocado Eye Treatment is much loved by our patrons. The unique, concentrated texture is enriched with Avocado to gently moisturize the delicate eye area. The formula does not migrate into eyes and is Ophthalmologist and Dermatologist-Tested”. I bought the 14 gram pot for £20.

Packaging: The packaging for this eye cream comes in a little tub. I would have preferred a tube so that the ingredients keep fresh for longer and aren’t exposed to light and air.

Formula: This product is very creamy in texture due to the shea butter in the formula. It also contain avocado oil, castor oil, corn oil and some antioxidants (these are unstable due to the packaging). The formula doesn’t contain fragrance which is especially important for anything that you apply in the sensitive eye area.

Texture: When I first scooped a bit of this product out onto my ring finger I found that it didn’t spread on the eye area and it definitely needed to be warmed up first before application. Once it has been warmed up and absorbed into the skin it leaves a slightly “oily” finish to the skin which disappears come morning time. If you’re using this in the morning the oily finish helps application of concealer. I didn’t experience any irritation or migration into the eyes.


Overall verdict: Even after the first application of this eye cream I found that my dry skin was completely eliminated. The cream doesn’t migrate into my eyes causing them to burn and it helps my concealer look less creipy. This eye cream is more of a preventative measure for fine lines and wrinkles as opposed to an “anti-ageing” product. I also really appreciate that it is fragrance free, it’s suprising how many eye creams have unnecessary and potentially irritating fragrance in them. This eye cream is cheaper than most high end eye creams and little goes a long way. This small tub will last you around 6 months if used twice daily.

As I said before, this is not an “anti-ageing” product, it doesn’t claim to have any fancy ingredients in it which will make you look like you’re 12 years old again. However, it does moisturise my skin really well and prevents my skin from drying out which is exactly what I need. I shall be purchasing this again for sure!

Have you tried this eye cream before? What is your favourite eye cream, comment below and let me know!

Jay x

13 thoughts on “Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado – Review

  1. I could do with getting some of that. At the minute I use No 7 overnight revitalising eye balm but it doesn’t always work and can be quite harsh on the delicate skin. A great post, I really enjoyed it xxx


  2. I have heard khiel’s midnight recovery eye cream is also great so why you preferred this one? which one you say is better?


    1. Hi! I haven’t tried the Midnight Recovery Eye Cream but seeing as it has quite a bit of fragrance and alcohol in the formula I probably won’t be using it on the sensitive skin around the eyes. Thanks for commenting! Jay x

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