MAC Haul! Feat. Soft & Gentle, Strobe Cream, Vegas Volt & more…


Oops I did it again! Yup, I went shopping and did a bit of damage to my credit card at MAC. I think MAC is one of those brands that I will always keep coming back to because it’s the first make-up brand that really got me into make-up. Alas, here is what I bought at MAC this month…

Prep + Prime 24-Hour Extend Eye Base


This eyeshadow primer is pretty darn amazing. I’m an Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) gal, but this primer is just as good in my opinion. It’s very thick and has a silicone texture. This means that when applied to the eyelid it smooths down creases and uneven texture (great for mature skin). It also doesn’t catch onto the eyeshadow which I find I get with UDPP, so you don’t have to spend as much time blending. Eyeshadow lasts just as long with this product as with UDPP. The only down side is that it doesn’t fully neutralise pigmentation on my dark eyelids so I need to apply a concealer beforehand.

Prep + Prime Fix +


Finally I understand the hype of Fix +. After doing my make-up I spritz this onto my face and it does an amazing job of setting my make-up and removing the cakey look of full coverage make-up. I definitely think this prolongs the wear and appearance of my make-up. My only gripe is that the mist isn’t as fine as I’d like it to be.

Mineralize Skinfinish – Soft & Gentle


I know this is a favourite for a lot of people but actually I’m not a big fan of this highlighter. I find that the glitter is far too chunky and the colour doesn’t suit my skin tone as much as some other highlighters I own. It’s difficult to apply without my face looking like a disco ball, perhaps I need to try it with a fan brush or something- does anyone know a really good fan brush I can buy?

Strobe Cream


Strobe cream is an illuminating cream to be worn under foundation/ BB cream. I wasn’t sure about this product before I bought it because I thought it may make my skin look greasy, especially having oily skin. Surprisingly this doesn’t make me greasy at all if used just on the high points of the face. It gives my skin a pretty glow when it’s looking dull. This product is great if you’re going for the strobing technique (will do a post on this soon). I do kind of wish they had a strobe cream with a gold undertone that would suit my complexion even more but this will do until then.

Lip Erase – Dim


I think this is quite a new product from MAC and when I heard about it I knew I had to try it. I always struggle with lipsticks showing up their true colour on my lips due to the dark pigmentation on them. Lip erase is a lip balm that neutralises the colour of your lips. What makes this different from using foundation over your lips is that it doesn’t change the colour or mix with the lipstick applied on top. It is also hydrating on the lips so they won’t crack under your favourite lipstick. This is a game changer for sure.

Amplified Creme Lipstick – Vegas Volt


This lipstick is such a gorgeous coral shade, I’m wishing I bought it earlier in the Summer. I love the texture of the Amplified lipsticks as they are quite hydrating and last a good 6 hours on the lips. The swatch of Vegas Volt is on the right and I used Morange by MAC on the left as a reference.

Obviously, me being me, I had to try all the products out at once! …


That’s all for this haul. Have you tried any of these products before? Are there any other MAC products that I need to try? Comment below and let me know.

Jay x

17 thoughts on “MAC Haul! Feat. Soft & Gentle, Strobe Cream, Vegas Volt & more…

  1. Some really interesting products here that I didn’t know MAC had! I might need to try that eyeshadow primer. Thank you for sharing!


  2. I always wanted to try the fit plus but I always seem to forget to buy it when I go to the MAC counter. Love the look you did with the products! ❤


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