My Make-up Transformation


Hello beauties! Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of make-up transformation posts in the beauty bloggersphere so I decided to put on my brave face and show you my make-up transformation. The picture on the left is of me without make-up, yes I know I look hella tired haha! The picture on the right is after make-up. No filters or editing have taken place in either.

I genuinely enjoy the process of putting on make-up and playing around with different looks by matching it to my mood and outfit, I’d say it’s one of the things I love about being a woman. However, that’s not to say I don’t like the way I look without it. Overall, I quite like my features and use make-up to enhance them; my favourite feature is my skin which I invest a lot of time into keeping it healthy and clear. The only thing I’d say I really dislike are the pesky hereditary dark circles which make me look a bit sick and tired! Also my eyebrows are in the process of growing out after years of over plucking so I have some bald spots in them (oops).

The look above is a simple one I’ve been wearing a lot recently as it takes less than 15 minutes to do and it makes my skin look so warm and glowly, perfect for the Summer.

Products used:

Foundation – MAC Studio Sculpt (NC44) + Estee Lauder Double Wear (4N2)

Concealer – L.A. Girl Pro-Conceal (Medium Beige)

Setting Powder – Nars Pressed Powder (Mountain), Ben Nye Pressed Powder

Eyebrows- Anastasia DipBrow Pomade (Ash Brown)

Mascara – Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde

Bronzer – Elf Baked Bronzer (Los Cabos)

Highlight – MAC Cream Colour Base (Hush)

Lipstick – Gerard Cosmetics (1995)

So to all beauty bloggers reading this post I invite you to show me your make-up transformations. It can be a bit scary posting an “au naturel” picture of yourself on the interwebs for the whole world to see, but feels incredibly liberating at the same time.

Jay x

26 thoughts on “My Make-up Transformation

  1. I really love this, the great thing about your makeup transformation is that you are still you. Everything blends together to create this warm glowy feel. Love it, and you also look amazing without makeup on 🙂


  2. you’re so so pretty!! i love your lipstick 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara


  3. Gorgeous! You have great skin barefaced, so you’re already working with a solid base! All your skincare is working their magic! 😀
    Are you wearing blusher at all here or just the Elf bronzer?


  4. omg hahahaha!! this before and after pic is exactly what i did this afternoon. and you look sooo much better without make up as compared to me!! i look like a dead fish with my bare face. i need to try that estee lauder double wear foundation! also, ill be doing the my lips but better tag this week! sorry it took so long, i have been really sick in the past week 😦


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