Dior Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation (400 Honey) – Review


When I first laid eyes on this foundation I knew I had to try it. Dior Airflash is one of the first spray foundations to enter the market. The spray mechanism is said to give the skin an airbrushed effect. It is meant for all skin types and is said to give a satin-matte finish with buildable coverage.

I popped into House of Fraser on Oxford Street for a colour match for this foundation. There are nine colours to pick from. The lady at the Dior counter used this cool attachment on an iPhone to find my match, she chose the darkest part of my face, which is my chin, and matched it to 400 Honey. It’s an okay colour match but I find the colouring a bit too cool for the warm undertones in my skin. A 70ml can of this foundation costs £33.50 and I got a free sample of mascara too, not to mention some amazing customer service!

Packaging: I believe the spray can is more than just a gimmick. The foundation doesn’t have light and air exposure and is hygienic as you’re not touching the nozzle. You also get 70ml of product in this foundation which is a lot more than the generic 30ml you get with others. I’ve read that if used everyday a single can will last up to 5 months. This foundation is not recommended for air travel as pressurised cans may explode.

Dior Airflash Foundation 400 Honey

Formula: This foundation is very thin and watery in consistency, it contains silicones making it feel slippery and extremely light on the skin. The formula seems like a decent one for combination or oilier skin. I wouldn’t say this is suitable for very dry skin as it doesn’t contain many emollient ingredients but if worn with a heavy moisturiser it could work. The only bad thing in my opinion is that like many perfume houses Dior insists on adding fragrance into the formula which can be an irritant for sensitive skin. There is also no SPF which means you will get no flashback from it but will have to wear a separate SPF if worn during the daytime.

With this being an aerosol can it contains Butane in the formula therefore it is really important to maintain a distance of at least 8 inches between your face and the nozzle to allow the Butane to dissipate into the air. I’m sure the levels of Butane are safe enough to use on the face but if this is a cause of concern for you it’s best to spray the foundation onto a brush and apply in that way.

Application: Application of this foundation takes less than 30 seconds. It can be sprayed directly onto the skin in a Z-formation or onto a stippling brush and buffed into the skin. Using a beauty sponge is not advised it will absorb all of the product. I find that when spraying directly on the face the product can go to waste and I need to protect my clothes and hair which can be a hassle, but the airbrush effect I get makes my skin look luminous and healthy. When applied with a brush the coverage is higher and more matte. The scent smells like expensive perfume and is quite apparent at the beginning but disappears after it sets. It also feels really cooling when applied to the skin.

Finish: When first applied the foundation appears very dewy and shiny on the skin. However it dries quickly to a luminous matte finish that is flawless and skin like. The coverage is sheer-medium but you can easily build it up without looking cakey. The texture and feeling of this foundation is the lightest I’ve ever experienced, it doesn’t sink into your pores nor does it look cakey. Below is a picture of a very sleepy me wearing this foundation without and with flash, no filters or editing. I am wearing SPF which is why there is ashyness / flashback in that picture and I hadn’t powdered my face yet so it looks quite shiny!


Longevity: I got some shine in the T-zone after the 5 hour mark and the foundation lasted around 8 hours with most fading around the nose, chin and forehead. I didn’t experience any oxidising of the colour. What’s nice about this foundation is that you can top up after a long day without it looking cakey. It requires an oil based cleanser to remove at the end of the day.

As a whole I like this foundation as I’ve been searching for a luminous glowy base that is suitable for my skin type. However, it isn’t one I would use every day due to the fragrance in the formula. I did actually experience a breakout on my cheeks after 6 days of wearing this but I can’t say it was due to this product specifically as I was testing other skincare as well. I think this is a great option for those with combination/oily skin who don’t suffer from sensitivity. It provides moderate coverage, oil control and a luminous finish without the heaviness of a full coverage foundation. I would say this foundation falls somewhere between Estee Lauder Double Wear and Nars Sheer Glow and in real life it doesn’t look like I have any make-up on at all, just healthy glowing skin.

I hope you found this review useful 🙂 Have you tried this foundation yet? Comment below and let me know!

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