How to get corkscrew curls – Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler Hair Tong

1599450_10152791318157894_9064339050534309885_oleestaffordchopstickstylerI have always loved big curly hair and up until my teens my hair was naturally curly, however after years of heat styling my curls have become more of a frizzy mess than a defined curl. I always look enviously at women who have natural corkscrew curls and when I discovered this hair tool that promises such hair I knew I had to try it out. I bought the Lee Stafford Chopstick Curler from Argos for just £19.99 which is a ridiculously cheap for a hair styling tool.

The barrel of this tong is just 7-10mm wide and it isn’t completely round but more of a flat rectangular shape. It heats up extremely quickly in just 10 seconds, and has a  maximum temperature of 200 degrees celsius. I find that 5-7 seconds is all it takes to curl a piece of hair depending on the thickness.

It took a few attempts for me to learn how to use this styler but once I got the technique down I loved the results it gave me. I changed the thickness of each piece to achieve a natural curly hair look. Before curling my hair I made sure to use a heat protectant and a product that will set the curl. It take around 45 minutes to curl the whole head of hair. After my hair was done I used a few pumps of L’Oreal Elvive Extraodirinary Oil and ran my fingers through my hair to add shine and remove frizz. This was the finished look. ->


This is the styler I turn to when I want to turn heads with my hair. I would 100% recommend this curler if you want big, sexy, diva, corkscrew curls and you have long hair below the shoulders.

Jay x

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