Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara – Review


If it is length you seek, then look no further. Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara is designed to add definition and length to your lashes to frame the eyes beautifully. I bought this mascara for £9.99 from Superdrug where there were 4 colours to choose from, including Brown, Black, Waterproof Black and Rich Black. I opted for the Rich Black colour.

The brush for this mascara is made of plastic and the wand itself is very thin with short bristles. The formula of the mascara is in between wet and dry so it doesn’t weigh down the lashes and the colour dries to a true deep black. I also like that when I take the wand out of the tube I don’t have to wipe off any excess.


In terms of application, this isn’t a mascara that I can use every day as it takes forever to apply. You have to keep applying the mascara to fully coat the lashes and it is difficult to apply without getting onto the top lid near the root of the hairs. However, the length that you get with this mascara is phenomenal, it honestly makes me look like I have eyelash extensions in. The brush also manages to pick up all the little lashes making them appear more defined and longer. I didn’t get a whole lot of volume with this mascara and after the second coat I found that my lashes looked very clumpy. I had to go back with an eyelash comb to brush out the clumps as well as clean my eyelid with a Q-Tip.


Over the course of the day this mascara didn’t smudge but it flaked a lot which is a massive nuisance. I found that it also held the curl really well. Removal of this mascara is quite difficult as it has a very dark pigment that just clings to the skin so you have to use a good oil based cleanser to get every last bit of colour off. All in all this is a good mascara, it truly defines and lengthens your lashes like it promises but it is very high maintenance, which may not be so good for those who want something that is quick to apply and remove.

13 thoughts on “Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara – Review

  1. I have this in waterproof black-brown and it is a pain in the ass to remove but holds a curl so well and provides incredible length! One of my favorites from the drugstore despite the plastic wand.


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