L.A. Girl Pro-Conceal HD High Definition Concealer – Review


Gone are the days when I used to turn my nose up at drug-store or high street concealers. This concealer is something I’ve seen pop up quite a few times around the internet but being in the UK I never thought to investigate into the product. I did however do some research recently and decided to purchase this online from an Ebay seller for just £4.99. My package arrived within 2 working days and in brand new packaging.

Pro-conceal from L.A. Girl is a medium and buildable coverage concealer that is supposed to camouflage imperfections and minimise the appearance of fine lines. There are a massive 24 colours to choose from so it covers a wide range of skin tones, I opted for Medium Beige as this is what other women of my colouring (NC44) recommended. You get 8g of product which by comparison is more than my Maybelline Fit Me concealer.

The packaging of this concealer isn’t my favourite, I prefer doe-foot applicators for concealers, this one however comes with a squeezy tube and a brush tip. Application is smooth and creamy, I like to blend this in with my ring finger. I am really impressed with the coverage of this concealer, it actually managed to mask my dark circles pretty well, almost as well as my MAC Pro-Longwear concealer. I also found that it didn’t crease into my expression lines and photographs beautifully which is a big plus. The colouring is perfect for my skin tone, it isn’t too pink and just the right amount of orange to counteract darkness under the eyes.




Over the course of the day this concealer held up really well, it faded a tiny bit and I did find that it clinged to dry patches so it is important to wear a hydrating cream underneath it. For such a cheap product this is really, really impressive, so impressive that I’m looking to purchase some other colours for highlighting/contouring purposes. Bravo L.A. Girl, bravo!


Me wearing the L.A. Girl Pro-conceal, looking rather pleased with myself haha!

Jay x

12 thoughts on “L.A. Girl Pro-Conceal HD High Definition Concealer – Review

  1. Looks really good! Reminds me a bit of the Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer the way it’s dispensed. I liked that concealer a lot despite the brush applicator.
    What lipstick are you wearing in the last photo? Looks lovely on you. 🙂


  2. Great review! Which do you prefer…the LA Girl Pro Concealer or the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer? I read your other post about the Fit Me Concealer. I’m also an NC44 in Mac and would probably be the same shades as you in both these concealers. I know that this is an older post but would really appreciate your reply as I don’t see too many blogs/posts from women in our color range.


    1. Hey thanks for reading! I personally prefer the LA Girl Concealer, it has more of an orange/yellow undertone which covers dark circles better, it creases less and has fuller coverage- hope that helps 🙂 Jay xx


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