#TBT I miss my short hair & how I grew healthy long hair


Throughout university I rocked short hair. Admittedly I really miss having it at this length, it made me feel edgy and badass whenever I felt the  back of my head being buzzed. Alas times have changed and I decided to grow my hair which is now halfway down my back. I always get asked how my hair has grown so quickly, so here are my top three tips to growing healthy long hair.

1) Get a trim regularly. You probably know this one already but I really can’t stress this enough. Regular trims will reduce the number of split ends you get and will stop the split end growing up the shaft of the hair. I have a trim every 8 weeks now cutting maybe half an inch each time. When my hair was in that awkward-mullet stage of growing I got a trim every 4-6 weeks This may sound counterproductive but really it’s the only way to grow healthy hair.

2) Deep condition your hair AND your scalp. Once a week I deep condition my hair and scalp with coconut oil and hair masks. Coconut oil strengthens the hair but also moisturises the scalp. Think of it like fertilising the soil for the plants to grow. I make sure to really massage the scalp to improve circulation.

3) Reduce heat tools. Heat styling causes hair to become weaker over time, allowing way for breakage and split ends. Since having reduce heat styling my hair has become stronger and has grown even longer!

Jay x

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