The make-up starter kit


If you were to create a make-up starter kit for a complete make-up newbie what would you include? Here’s what I would recommend…

1) Foundation. This is the trickiest part to get right. You firstly need to address your skin type, if you’re oilier look for “mattyfying” formulas, if you have dry skin look for “luminous/glowing” formulas. There are also certain products especially for sensitive or acne-prone skin. You can also choose between different levels of coverage, generally for daytime use opt for sheer/low coverage and higher in the evening.Β The shade you pick should match your neck and chest area so swatch a lot of colours before deciding.

2) Concealer. Concealer is meant to cover up large blemishes like scars, spots and dark circles. If your main issue is spots then a stick concealer is the way to go. If you have dark circles then buy a liquid/cream concealer.

3) Mascara. Mascara opens up the eyes and makes you look more awake. Again, opt for a mascara that tackles your lash woes, for example if you have straight lashes look for a curling mascara, fine lashes- voluminising and so on.

4) Blush. Blush warms up and brightens your face opt for a peach-coral-pink colour for a natural look.

5) Liquid eyeliner. A cat eye never fails to look chic and sexy!

6) Pressed powder. Your face is bound to get a little shiny throughout the day, or sometimes you just want to refresh your makeup that has faded away. Pressed powder is a great way of doing this.

7) Eyebrow pencil. If you’re blessed with naturally full, arched brows then skip this, but for the rest of us eyebrows frame the face and really complete the look.

8) Lipstick. This is the most “fun” product in a make-up kit. You can change your whole look with just a lipstick so have fun and experiment with colours.

Once you have these basics in your kit you can start building, experimenting with different colours, finishes and textures. Make-up is fun, it’s expression, but also remember that sometimes less is more.

I invite anyone reading to do your own version of this post. What would you put in a make-up starter kit? Comment below and let me know.

Jay x

7 thoughts on “The make-up starter kit

  1. This is such a great idea, when I do a lot of people’s make up they don’t know where to start and asking me about all the products I’m using. Sometimes it’s confusing to detail every single item I use so a stater kit idea is excellent definitely going to do this!


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