Office Essential – Soap & Glory Hand Food (Pump)


My hands are so ashy and uncomfortable these days and it’s especially true when I’m in the office.

Taken from the Soap & Glory website, Hand Food is:

“Packed with the original, super-smoothing shea butter, macadamia oil and mallow extract formula to soften & rejuvenate hands. Fragranced with Soap & Glory’s signature rose & bergamot scent.”

I bought this bad boy from Boots for just £7.00 and got a massive 250ml of it. I have to say this smells amazing and really does the trick of relieving my dry hands. This pump version is a wonderful product to keep on my desk at work. I hate fussing around with lids and tube caps and find that the tubes of hand cream run out in a few weeks, hopefully this bottle should last me a while.

What beauty products do you like to keep on your desk? Comment below and let me know!

Jay x

5 thoughts on “Office Essential – Soap & Glory Hand Food (Pump)

  1. I have the little 50ml bottle of this, which I got in a Xmas gift set of minis in the January sale and I love it! Will definitely be considering getting a bigger bottle when it runs out. Smells great too!

    Have you tried any other S&G products?


    1. I’ve tried their body butter, shower gels, scrubs and the self-heating deep cleansing mask. I think overall as a high-street brand they have some good-decent products but the packaging is what has made it as successful as it is. I really want to try the archery eyebrow pencil though! Have you bought anything you’ve thought was amazing from S & G?


      1. Their shampoo and conditioner! Considering it’s the scrubs and shower gels they’re most well known for they are really really underrated! Agree that their packaging helps but it is fantastic and fun x

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