Liebster Award Nomination 2


Hello all! I’ve been nominated for The Liebster award again woohooo! I was nominated by the beautiful Harriet who has just started out her lifestyle blog and is actually my desk neighbour at work, so please check her out! I really like doing these posts as it allows readers to get to know me on a more personal level.

The Rules:

·         Thank and link back to the blogger who nominated you.

·         Answer the 11 questions that they have asked you.

·         Nominate bloggers who have a following of <200 on Bloglovin’

·         Ask them 11 questions.

·         Notify the nominees.

So here are the questions I was asked:

  1. Why did you start blogging? I’ve always been into beauty and feel like I have a bit of knowledge to spread. I’ve also been reading blogs and watching Youtube for around 8 years now and thought it’s finally time to be pro-active and start something myself.
  2. What is your dream career? My dream career would be in the cosmetics industry perhaps in testing or compliance, who knows. It’s something I’m working towards.
  3. What is your favourite beauty product ever? Ooo this is a difficult one, I think I’d have to say concealer as a whole is my favourite product because I have the worst dark circles known to mankind.
  4. Favourite high street store? My favourite high street store is Zara. I LOVE their clothes because the shapes and cuts looks far more expensive than they are.
  5. What is your favourite blog and why? My favourite blog is someone I’ve been following for a few years Mouldy Fruit . When I stumbled across Zaras blog many years ago there weren’t many women with my complexion doing product reviews and it was really helpful to get advice from someone else before purchasing products.
  6. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I don’t think I’d change anything about myself. There are many things I could improve on and it’s a constant process, but if I changed I wouldn’t be me 🙂
  7. Favourite place you’ve visited? I loveeee South Korea. I think part of what really got me into skin care was my trip there last year, the cosmetics industry is booming over there and a lot of products that I just entering the West like BB creams, sleeping masks, sheet masks all started in Korea.
  8. Favourite female and male celebrity? I don’t really follow celebrities but I love Will Smith because well he’s Will Smith. Also Erykah Badu because she’s a freaking QUEEN.
  9. Top three television programmes? The Wire, Breaking Bad, Orange is The New Black.
  10. Where would you like to be in 5 years time? I try not to plan too much as things NEVER go to plan. I’d like my career and relationship to have progressed and just be in good health.
  11. What is your biggest fear? Not standing up for what I believe in.

Now here are my questions:

1) Who is your favourite Youtuber, and why?

2) What is your favourite cuisine?

3) What is your oldest item of clothing?

4) What is your skincare saviour?

5) If you had to work with any brand what would it be?

6) What is your favourite lipstick?

7) Flats or heels?

8) The last place I went on holiday was…

9) What is your favourite album?

10) Savoury or sweet?

11) Who is your inspiration?




Megan Leigh


4 thoughts on “Liebster Award Nomination 2

  1. Jay! Thank you for the nomination lovely! This is the first time I’ve been involved in one of these. I loved reading more about you and the questions you have given me are great. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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