Heat Free Curls Tutorial

Untitled A few months ago I decided that I was going to cut down on using heat styling tools on my hair. However, I wasn’t prepared to bare my wild, frizzy mane just like that, I wanted to find an easy style that looks polished but also without heat. It’s been 2 months since I discovered how to do this style and I haven’t used heat on my hair since which has dramatically reduced the amount of split ends I’m getting. For this tutorial I used these foam twist bun makers. I bought 4 from an Ebay seller in China and they cost no more than £1 each! There are loads of different shapes available from hundreds of different sellers so you’re sure to find some.

Step 1) Wash and condition hair. I use the Body Shop Rainforest Shine Shampoo (sulphate-free) and Aussie 3 minute miracle leave in conditioner. Towel dry.

Step 2) Apply hold styling product like gel or mousse. I then use around 6 pumps of the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil through the bottom half of my hair to reduce frizz.

Step 3) Let hair air dry until it’s 80% dry. If you’re in a rush use a hairdryer on cool setting and lowest speed.

Step 4) Comb through hair. Start from the bottom and work up to the roots. Section hair into 4 equal parts.

IMG_2962 Step 5) I have long hair so I hold the foam halfway down my hair and wrap the section around. Fold the ends to secure. For this look curl hair away from the face. I twist my hair around 4-5 times around the foam. Untitled Step 6) Leave in for at least 8 hours. I usually do this overnight. IMG_2968 Step 7) Unfold foam and take out of hair. IMG_2971 Step 8) Style hair. Take a medium paddle brush and start brushing out from the bottom. Brush each section from the underneath. Use your fingers to separate curls. Set style with hairspray, I use the Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray. Untitled IMG_2976 IMG_2979 Tips:

1) The more wet your hair is and the longer you leave the foam in the longer the curls are going to last. Usually with the above method the style will last a whole day. You can put the foams in again overnight to refresh the style.

2) The more twists you do around the foam makes tighter curls. If you want retro 40/50’s curls try twisting the curls towards your face and brushing towards the face. You can achieve a number of different styles so just play around with it and see what suits you.

3) If you have fine hair skip the hair oil and maybe just use a volumising hair mousse/spray.

I hope you found this tutorial interesting! It takes a few tries to perfect the method when using these foam curlers but once you get the hang of it it really does the trick.

Jay x

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